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Words Etc. prides itself on providing quality and professional résumé services.  We strive to help each client tell their true story as we guide you to focus on your challenges, actions and results.

To accomplish this we provide tailored services to each individual. We encourage you to upload your résumé and allow us to provide a no-cost assessment of how we can help improve your current résumé. And if you don’t have a résumé, we’ll help you take all of the details of your education, background and experiences and turn it into an outstanding résumé product. You will find a helpful résumé worksheet here to guide you on the kind of information we need if you don't currently have a résumé. This form is editable and allows you to save it to your computer with a new file name.  For best results, we recommend that you use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your browser. Once completed you may submit this to us here.

Maybe you're looking to change careers, are getting ready to serve on a board or committee or just want to stay on top of your ever-growing list of skills and experience, Words Etc. can help you get the job done.

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